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Bible Reading - Your church's weekly bible reading with the addition of some beautiful artwork we've gathered or created.  The children will enjoy the added graphics, colors, and in some cases animation!

*NEW-->Break Out! - Can you break out!  This highly animated games allows a player to attempt to hit the ball and smash or break the bricks which cover a special message!

Jigsaw Puzzle – Let's get jiggy! Can you piece it together? Just click and drag the pieces into place. A challenging game the children seem to really enjoy. If the children get too good at solving the puzzles, we just increase the number of pieces to increase the challenge!

Word Magnets – The little ones enjoy this game!  Did you ever make your own sentences with refrigerator magnets? Move the magnets around to form sentences!  A popular scripture or just for fun! (Hint-Reading your weekly lesson will help you to solve this puzzle!)

Multiple Choice Quiz - Graded automatically online! If any questions are incorrectly answered, the quiz provides the opportunity to see the correct answers or to try again. We can add a Hall-Of-Fame that will analyze the users first attempt at the quiz and, if they score over a certain threshold, they are added to the Hall-Of-Fame! The questions are all based on your lesson!

*NEW--> Aracade Activities: (Brain Teasers, mathematics, and just plain fun!)

a). Egg Drop – The power of flash!  The latest in web site animations provides children with a challenging and very fun game!  Catch the eggs before they break!  Fill up as many boxes of eggs as you can!  There multiple levels of difficulty.  What level can you reach?

b). Bowling – Pete Weber watch out!  This game is amazing!  Bowling just a playstation would provide.  Each player picks the the type of ball, how you will roll it (curve or straight), how hard you will roll it, and more!  The game scores just as if you were playing at the actual lanes!

c). Find your way! – An online interactive maze game that lets the player try to find their way out of the maze!  They games leaves a trail of where you've been and offers different skill levels.  A truely challenging game for those that can 'find their way'!

d). Add It Up! – A great game for those learning to add both small and large numbers.  This game provides a unique game board in which a player is clicks on various combinations of numbers which add up to the desired sum.  The game provides a clock and more to add to the fun!

e). Towers of Hanoi – Can you move the tower?  Invented in 1883 by mathematician Edouard Lucas, this classic game is well known to students of Computer Science!  Besides being great fun, it tests ones problem solving skills!

f). Flashcards – Try your math skills or just practice!  Select your skill level on flashcards of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. How many can you solve before the clock runs out?

g). Tic-Tac-Toe – An oldie but goodie!  Can you beat the computer?

Word Search – Words from your weekly lesson are cleverly hidden in this interactive puzzle. Can you find all the words? How long did it take you? The game includes a clock to see how fast you solved the puzzle. You can play it again and again, because it is never the same.

Concentration - An oldie, with a new twist! Match the Christian symbols and pictures to reveal the message underneath! We've added a score board to keep track of how many total attempts it takes each player to reveal the hidden message! Can you make the top 5? You can play it again and again, because the game re-shuffles the cards each time you start a new game.

What's The Word? - Loosely based on the TV show 'Wheel of Fortune'. Given a general hint, the children guess the letters of an unknown word one at a time, by clicking on the letters. The game gives you only so many chances before you must guess the word! The words and hints are tailored to your lesson!

Paint the Picture – Choose a color, click and paint! Choose from a wide variety of bible lessons! The youngest children seem to like this one! It is very simple, just point and click! Paint each picture as if you were coloring it except you're coloring it online!

Crossword Puzzles - These puzzles can be simple or complex. Solve them online by entering your answers! Click the 'grade' button and see how you did.

Weekly Cartoon - Fun for children and adults alike.  Each week we try to provide a light-hearted Christian cartoon.

Print and Play Suite of Puzzles - Includes games such as Mystery Puzzle, Word Scramble, coloring pages and Fill in the Blank. Just print out these pages and have your children use them. Again, the puzzle answers are based on keywords and phrases from your lesson!

We are always adding new games and have several in the works for the near future. We will do our best to add new games each quarter.


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