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Simply Christian's® Online Sunday School now being used in all 50 states of the US and 6 countries!
Wednesday Jan. 08, 5:45 pm ET

CRANBERRY TWP. —  Jan 08, 2008— Since Simply Christian® re-introduced the Online Sunday School™ (OSS) in April of last year the ministry has added more than 100 individual churches!  The reintroduction made the OSS available to all churches and families via its website www.SimplyChristian.org.  Prior to April 2007 the OSS ministry was available primarily only through a United Methodist Conference.  Today the OSS now serves churches, ministries, or families in all 50 states in the US and the following 6 countries: Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, and Switzerland.

"From our earliest days God has always placed the right people around this ministry and allowed the ministry to grow", says Marianne C. Ferrans, co-founder of Simply Christian®.   "Originally, the OSS was developed to demostrate what may be posssible via a church's website.  We are richly blessed to be able to serve so many churches, ministries and families and the credit is God's."

"We recently received a phone call from a pastor in Hawaii using the OSS in his small church.  This pastor's comments about how the OSS is helping grow God's kingdom we very kind and rewarding.  It is phone calls and emails like his that energize us and keep this ministry going.  We operate month-to-month as a very small, voluntary, shared ministry trusting in God to provide the means for us to continue to make the OSS available.  As recently as February 2007 we were uncertain about how long we could sustain the OSS.  But every time we have prayed about the future of the OSS both the means and the meaning of this ministry are shown to us.  We rely solely on contributions in order to continue to make the OSS available to everyone.  As long as people continue to find the OSS beneficial, we'll do all we can to continue to make it available." 

In return for providing churches and families with the OSS and free consulting, Simply Christian® asks for a small annual donation to help offset its technology expenses. The OSS is made possible only through the support of church, ministry and family partners and the support of AcquireMedia Corporation (www.aquiremedia.com).  All related technology, administrative, and other day-to-day work is provided on a voluntary basis.

About Simply Christian’s Online Sunday School™ (OSS):
The OSS is a great way for your church to further its Sunday school experience for parents, teachers, and children. From the privacy of their own home or from any computer, parents and their children can have access to their church's Sunday school Bible readings and a suite of related interactive puzzles, quizzes, and games. The Bible reading and the related featured activities are updated weekly, providing the children with a new and different experience every week.

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About Simply Christian®:
Simply Christian® is a small, volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping churches and families connect the next generation with the Word!  Through a combination of education, consulting, providing some Internet related services, and the Online Sunday School™ we help churches augment and further their Sunday school program.

For more information visit www.SimplyChristian.org or contact:

Simply Christian
Marianne C. Ferrans


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