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About Us - Simply Christian's Partners and Advisors

Below are a list of those Conference's participating in our Conference Partnership Program.  These conferences provide support in the form of either administrative support, financial support, or help promote the OSS by providing information to their churches via their conference website.

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Our Founders

Around 2002, over a cup of coffee, a Children's Ministry teacher and a Multimmedia Ministry volunteer asked how the two different Ministries could work together for the children and parents attending their church.  Several months later the Online Sunday School was born!  [More]


Significant Contributors/Advisory Board

Below is a list of those individuals who in the past have significantly helped Simply Christian or continue to make significant contributions to our Ministry.   To learn more about each and what they are doing today, click on their picture below.

Chris Barrett
Director Technical Support
Computer Associates
International Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA  

Dr. Clark Edwards
Former Associate Professor
Dept. of Communication
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA



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Wayne Darville
Chief Operating Officer
Artera Group, Inc.
Westport, CT

Kim Shockley
Christian Education Specialist

Robert Ungar
Vice President,
End User Products
Acquire Media Corp.
Roseland, NJ

Dottie Walker
Director Christian
Education Programming
Lakeland, FL

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