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Our mission is to help churches and families "Connect The Next Generation With The Word!".  Just as the invention of the printing press marked one of the first great opportunities to reach people, the Internet is providing no less an opportunity now.  Today's generation is growing up with the Internet, let's speak to the new generation in their new language!

Simply Christian's® Online Sunday School™ (OSS)  is made made available through a shared ministry of volunteers, church partners and .

Our volunteers are responsible for the design, graphics and weekly content of the OSS. Our conference/church partners help us make the OSS available to their churches and congregations by either adding the OSS to their website, offering information about the OSS, or provide funding. All of the OSS platform hardware, support, hosting, and other technical needs are donated by acquired media corporation, a leading provider of digital media distribution platforms for publishing and financial services.

Simply Christian®, being a small volunteer ministry, is incorporated as a non-profit organization (in the state of Pennsylvania), however, we are not currently a federally tax-exempt organization.  As the ministry grows we will seek to be federally tax-exempt. However, at this time any donations are not tax deductible. We are supported by churches and individuals who believe that together we can help churches reach the next generation using this new technology in a very efficient and cost effective manor. 

Our Advisory Board Members

"Simply Christian® has been blessed to find experienced leaders in the areas of Christian Education, Multimedia Communications, Executive Level Planning, and Internet Technology who share a strong Christian faith and a deep desire to help further our ministry."  says Marianne C. Ferrans, Simply Christian’s co-founder.  In the early days of the ministry, a board of advisors was formed to help steer the Simply Christian® ministry and the development of the Online Sunday School™(OSS).  Later a partnership or shared ministry effort with the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church (WPAUMC) helped raised awareness among the Methodist churches of Western PA (our home area) and several surrounding states.  Most recently, with the release of OSSv5.0, Simply Christian® has begun to reach out beyond Western PA and beyond the Methodist Church to make the OSS availble to any and all churches and to individual families.

For more about our those who are currently contributing and those who have made significant contribution to this ministry in the past, click on the Board of Advisors link above or, click here.

Our Beginnings/Our Founders

To learn about Simply Christian's® beginnings and a little about our founders, click on the Our Founders link above or click here.

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To contact our Office, you can either (1) or (2) phone us at 1-724-893-8721

The Online Sunday School™  is made made available through Simply Christian®, a shared ministry of volunteers, church partners, and .
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